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FREE Photographic CGI Tools Collection Samples

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Get the full Photographic CGI Tool Collections for even more awesome LUTs, Presets, film grain and more!

Save money and get the Ultimate Photorealism Bundle:

How to get CGI renderings to look like if they were taken with a camera?

There are several ways to achieve this: 

To achieve any of this, get my full "Photographic CGI Tools Collection" with 144 aditional LUTs, more VFB presets, film grain and more, and then also my Imperfect Aperture Maps for Perfect CGI Bokeh or save money and ultimately get the Photographic CGI Tools Bundle - Bokeh, LUTs, Presets, Flares, Grain & More 

But first, download this free sample pack: Just use one of these free photographic LUTs on top of your renderings with compressed highlights to implement a contrast that resembles what we are used to seeing in photography!

Check out my tutorial on my Youtube Channel for more information on how to treat your renderings like photos.


If you are using V-Ray, you can also use one of the Vray 5 VFB Presets in this pack to make things even more easy: Just load the preset and you are done! With an Exposure Layer with Highlight Burn and the LUT loaded in, your rendering should look already amazing on the contrast side. You can also use the presets that don't use an LUT and Curves etc. instead, so you have total control.

You can also use the zeroLutVFB.cube to bring your 32bit linear rendering into log-space (just click "Work in log" in the LookupTable layer) and save it out e.g. as a TIF file so you can then edit it in your photoediting software of choice!

I want to thank Kim Amland (aka dubcat) and Marcin Piotrowski (aka Piotrus3333) for their inspiration!

Kim Amland created and distributed the Corona Renderer LUTs and created two FStorm LUTs to mimick that contrast. 

Marcin Piotrowski had the idea for an empty LUT to save out your image in LOG format.

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7 Free LUTs + 1 LOG LUT + VFB Presets

Photographic LUTs
VFB Presets
Easy to use, full control
Empty LUT for Log saving
Continue editing with compressed highlights and shadows
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FREE Photographic CGI Tools Collection Samples

5 ratings
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