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HDRI Collection 1 - 23 Studio Lights, Lamps and Softboxes

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Do you want to improve your lighting instantly and add a touch of realism to your renderings? Then this collection of studio equipment HDRs is for you!

This HDRI collection includes 23 (+1) unclamped unique light sources in very high dynamic range (15-22 EV stops) with alpha channel to spice up your renderings. Resolution varies between 6720px on the long edge of the largest files and 2328 px on the short edge of the smallest. 

This is very high quality stuff for less than 2€ per HDRI!

With this HDRI collection you can improve your renderings in various ways: Make your plain softbox lights interesting and add some imperfections, use these real lights as a direct light-source; use them as you would in real-life or play around with them and add detail to your CG images.

I myself am using these in everyday production and it really helps to add detail and depth in my lighting.

These HDRIs are provided as shot in the uncompressed, original versions. That means that some lights will have a purple or blue colorcast, some are gold and some pretty neutral. This will not always be suited for every situation, so I recommend using a Color Correction map to desaturate them or add your own color tint.

There are also dwab-compressed versions of each HDR alongside with desaturated ones for your convenience.

Have a free sample to test one HDRI:

Here is a list of the lights you will get in this collection:

-Raw Box-Light

-Centered Gradation (2 variations)

-Gradation beaming to one side (2 variations, one with paper imperfections)

-Slanted Gradation (2 variations, one with paper imperfections)

-Spotlight (behind paper, 2 variations, one with paper imperfections)

-Round Spot LED Panel 

-Square LED Panel

-Rectangle LED Panel

-Frosted LED Panel

-Long LED Light

-LED Spot

-Halogen (2 variations)

-Huge Golden Umbrella

-Silver Umbrella with Lamp inside

-Silver Umbrella, lit from behind

-Square Softbox

-Octagon Softbox

-Studio Lamp

As an added bonus I am throwing in 

-1 studio dome HDRI 

with some lights illuminating the scene from behind paper, giving nice natural gradations. It´s good for simple lookdevs, to easily light a scene without having to setup lights. 

Download a PDF here to look at all example renderings:

I also include the full-res rendering of the car image I created for test and demo purposes, as well as shaderball renderings with each HDRI.

You can download it here and check out how some of these HDRIs look in a production situation - although the usage is a little over the top ;) It is just too much fun and inspiring to use these HDRIs!

Please don't use this image for anything else but reference and your viewing pleasure. Thank you!

If you have any questions or requests, you can always contact me.


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23 unclamped unique light sources in very high dynamic range (15-22 EV stops) with alpha channel + 1 HDRI studio dome

Studio light hdrs
Studio dome light
High dynamic range
15-22 EV stops
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HDRI Collection 1 - 23 Studio Lights, Lamps and Softboxes

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