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HDRI Collection 2 - Gradients for perfect CGI lighting

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Achieve photorealism in your renderings!

Do you want to improve your lighting for automotive renderings and product shots instantly?

This collection of real-life based gradient HDRs is for you!

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Just plug one of these very high-dynamic-range HDRs into your virtual light and build your perfect lighting - in any rendering engine, like VRED, V-Ray, Corona, Octane.

With a resolution of 3000x3000px you will have enough detail even for close-ups with visible reflections and a mind-blowing dynamic range of approx 15-22 EV stops. There are always two variants of the same gradient: one perfect and one imperfect. The imperfect one features more hotspots, paper-textures and uneven areas, which would natuarlly occurr in a real-life photo-studio. If you prefer really perfect gradients, just use those. They are still based on real-life lights and gradients so they still have some detail that you would not get if you would create gradients procedurally in your 3D or 2D application.

Don´t use your lights without HDRs in them - perfect white lights don´t exist in the real world!

Why use these gradients instead of using e.g. a V-Ray Softbox, a gradient ramp, the Gradient Lights from Maverick Renderer etc?

  1. Its fast: you dont need to setup any custom gradient maps, you dont need to create or tweak anything
  2. The small imperfections make them more photorealistic and give detail to your rendering
  3. If you are working in VRED, you need external textures to use gradients in your renderings - these are ready to use and as diverse as you need them

Contents: 80 high resolution, high dynamic range HDRs and variations of a studio photography lighting HDR panorama.

Porsche car rendering sample is kindly provided by and rendered in VRED


This product can be used commercially on any project. Please do not repackage, share or resell this content.

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80 unclamped unique gradient light sources in very high dynamic range (15-22 EV stops) and one HDRI studio panorama

HDR Gradient lights
High dynamic range
15-22 EV stops
Perfect and Imperfect
Neutral colors
Usable in any scenario
HDRI Panorama
4 variations for instant studio lighting
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HDRI Collection 2 - Gradients for perfect CGI lighting

3 ratings
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