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HDRI Sky Timelapse - Vol. 3: Starry Nightsky (Moon, Milkyway)

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Ever had trouble creating a nightsky animation because there is simply no usable footage that features what you, as a 3D artist need: high dynamic range 32bit images in high resolution (so you can actually see individual stars) without landscape obsticales? Search no further!

Embark on a celestial journey with HDRI Sky Timelapse - Vol. 3: Nightsky (Stars, Moon, Milkyway). Immerse yourself in the mystical allure of a clear nightsky captured in Inner Mongolia through this hand-made timelapse consisting of an almost 9-hour sequence comprising 531 frames.

Crafted for unparalleled photorealism and visual impact at the same time, using scientific real-life data, this high dynamic range image sequence guarantees stunning results in your CGI rendering projects. The efficient dwab compression ensures optimal disk space usage while delivering fast loading times for seamless workflow integration.

Ideal for various creative industries including automotive design, architectural visualization, product animations, and VFX projects, HDRI Sky Timelapse - Vol. 3: Nightsky is designed to elevate your visuals to new heights. 

With its impressive resolution of 16k and an additional 8k version included, this timelapse offers unmatched detail and clarity. Let the enchanting stars, serene moonlight, and celestial Milkyway transport you into an otherworldly realm where imagination knows no bounds.

You get:

  • High Resolution: 16k + 8k
  • High Dynamic Range: 32bit, unclipped for crisp shadows by the moon and sun
  • Realistic color of stars
  • Photorealistic nightsky:  formation and movement based on real-life data
  • 9h timelapse: 531 EXR sequence frames
  • Ultra high resolution stills: Select frames in 32k resolution
  • Realistic sun movement: based on real-life data on an June day in Jining / Inner Mongolia
  • Real HDRI photographs of moon and sun footage

Unlock the full potential of your creative vision with HDRI Sky Timelapse - Vol. 3: Nightsky (Stars, Moon, Milkyway). Experience the magic it brings to your projects as it adds an extra layer of realism and wonder to your CGI renderings and visual storytelling endeavors.

As always: Please do get in touch with me if you have any critique or trouble using my assets. Your success is the most important thing to me and I will try to support you with troubleshooting and advice or improve my assets to fit your needs better.

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High dynamic range sequence of 9hs in 21 seconds of a starry night with sundown and sunset, moon and stars in realistic colors, formation and movement

16k & 8k
High resolution stills
selected frames in 32k
based on scientific data
High dynamic range
Unclipped and 32bit
Dazzling details
Milkyway, Stars, atmosphere, moon & sun
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HDRI Sky Timelapse - Vol. 3: Starry Nightsky (Moon, Milkyway)

0 ratings
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