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Lifetime Access - all past and future assets

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Introducing Lifetime Access, the ultimate bundle for all your creative CGI needs, now and in the future. With this offer, you'll gain unlimited access to every asset currently available, as well as every release to come. Save a remarkable 23% compared to individual licenses and unlock the power of a studio license, granting you an incredible 87% discount.

But that's not all – I am constantly working on new assets to enhance your projects. Just to name a few planned additions: from Broad Surface Imperfections to stunning 3D scans and smart shaders for V-Ray, Ive got you covered. Plus, with the comprehensive book on efficient photorealism, which I am writing right now, and ready-to-use liquid simulations in the future, you'll take your creations to new heights.

Currently inside the Lifetime Access:

Keep in mind, the price will rise with each new asset release and will probably be much higher soon. So securing your Lifetime Access early is not only convenient but also a smart investment. Don't miss out on this unbeatable opportunity. Get your hands on Lifetime Access today and unlock endless possibilities for your creative endeavors now and for your future self!

Currently this bundle is worth 2253$ in Studio Licenses and you can get it for just 497$!

If you consider all the assets coming in the future, you save your hardearned bucks and still get all the future assets for free! ... I think I am insane to do this ;) But I want to help you on your journey to shine as the amazing 3D artist that sits inside you; and that doesn't have to mean that you get a loan or something, right? Right!

What you can expect:

Lifetime Access means being able to download all 3D Assets (like textures, presets, 3D models and other stuff that you can use inside your 3D software package) and ebooks that I publish on Gumroad. Courses and other ressources like plugins or software addons are not included. I am working hard to publish at least 6 new high quality and fully packed asset packs every year but am aiming for more.

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8 assets plus the extras from the bundles and ALL future asset releases

HDRI Collection I
Studio lights for photorealistic lighting
HDRI Collection II
Realistic gradients for product renderings
3x HDRI Sky Timelapses
3 different timelapses with photorealistic clouds, sun-movement and stars
Custom Aperture Maps
For photorealistic and artistic bokeh in your DOF
Animated Condensation maps
Simulated water droplets in a high resolution texture pack
Photographic Tools
A wide array of textures, presets and LUTs for a photographic look
Additional panoramas, HDRIs, lens effect images...
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Lifetime Access - all past and future assets

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