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Photographic CGI Tools Collection – LUTs, Presets, Lens Effects, Grain & more

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Check out the bundle to save money and get 15 extra Lens Effect Filter Images:

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Are you struggling to get your CGI renderings to look like if they were taken with a camera?

Probably one of the reasons is that your rendering lacks the contrast that we are used to seeing in photography!

Just use one of the photographic LUTs or V-Ray VFB Presets from this collection to add a photographic touch!

Wait! There is more:

HD and 10k Film Grain overlay images and a Photoshop file with which you can do non-desctrubale tonemapping to then apply an LUT in 32-bit mode.

There are 20 V-Ray lens files (vrlens) for realistic camera lens distortion and more will be added in the future!

Check out the free sample pack:

This collection is full of photographic LUTs for your individual rendering. No rendering is like another, so choose the base brightness and contrast and try out one of the 6 LUTs from each base – and if you like, choose a warm, cold or Teal and Orange variation to add some more color or drama. 158 LUTs in total! Base categories: Flat, Balanced, Bright, Dark, Contrasty & Log.

Check out my tutorial on my Youtube Channel for more information on how to treat your renderings like photos.

If you are using V-Ray, you can also use one of the seven Vray 5/6 VFB Presets in this pack to make things even more easy: Just load the preset, reconnect the LUT and you are done! 

With an Exposure Layer with Highlight Burn and the LUT loaded in, your rendering should look already amazing on the contrast side. You can also use the presets that don't use an LUT and Curves etc. instead, so you have total control.

You can also use the zeroLutVFB.cube to bring your 32bit linear rendering into log-space (just click "Work in log" in the LookupTable layer) and save it out e.g. as a TIF file so you can then edit it in your photoediting software of choice or add your LUT of your choice on top straight in the VFB!

I am planning on adding more presets and styles for Capture One and Lightroom so you can just launch your favorite software to edit your awesome renderings and give them the contrast kick they deserve.

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Easy to use LUTs and Presets for a photographic look in your renderings!

Photographic LUTs
6 different bases with 6 different looks
158 LUTs in total
36 base LUTs, 3 variations, 7 general
LUT Mood Variations
Teal&Orange, Cold, Warm
Film Grain
15 Variations from Light to Coarse in 10k
11 V-Ray VFB Presets
Full control and photographic contrast + Halation + Grain
Photoshop 32bit non-destructive tonemapping
Drag&Drop template
Lens Effect Filter Images
5 Filter Images for unique flare
Lens Effect Obstacle Images
5x Full control and a unique look
V-Ray Lens Files
20 different lens models for realistic distortion
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Photographic CGI Tools Collection – LUTs, Presets, Lens Effects, Grain & more

0 ratings
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