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Great Wood Single-Texture Smart Material | V-Ray 3ds Max

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Did you ever have just one single texture and had to make a photorealistic 3D material from it? Are you trying to make this look less flat, have more depth and react to light in a realistic way?

For me it was very often the case: I received a wood texture from a manufacturer and nothing else: no glossiness maps, no normal maps, no scanned materials. And my clients wanted to see their products shine and look the best!

So I came up with a simple workflow to make wood look great even if I only had one texture!

Get this ready-to-use shader, plug in your texture and start tweaking the individual parts so that your wood material can make your clients and yourself happy!

The material is created in V-Ray Next in 3ds Max 2015 but compatible with newer V-Ray and 3ds Max versions. It's a simple setup and no plugins are needed!

Two important notes:

  • No texture is the same, so this is most probably not a plug and play procedure:
    • You will probably have to tweak the output maps to more or less contrast to get your desired result
    • The Anisotropy map is an essential part to getting a complex looking shader. It needs to be of pretty high contrast to have an effect
  • The higher resolution your source texture is, the better everything will look. Don't expect great results from a muddy low-resolution image.
  • There are two surface imperfection texture maps in the shader. Use them as is, swap them with your own, use my Broad Surface Imperfection maps or delete them alltogether for a cleaner look.

If you have any questions or need help, ping me at

Warm Regards,


Attribution: The texture maps and HDRI contained in this pack are from and, licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal License..

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1 V-Ray material to make a great-looking material from a single texture

V-Ray Next (3ds max 2015)
Fully tweakable
Be the master of your shader
No plugins needed
Works out of the box
Ready to use
Comes with free wood and imperfection textures
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Great Wood Single-Texture Smart Material | V-Ray 3ds Max

0 ratings
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