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The Ultimate Photorealism Bundle: HDRIs, LUTs, Custom Bokeh, Lens Effects, Film Grain, Presets

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Achieve photorealism and a photographic look in your rendering with this ultimate asset bundle, containing:

Do you want to improve your lighting instantly and add a touch of realism to your renderings?

Do you want to improve your lighting for automotive renderings and product shots instantly?

Are you using Depth of field to bring more realism into your renderings? Chances are that you never knew that in most modern rendering engines, you can change the shape of your aperture for more interesting and realistic DOF, creating nice bokeh.

Are you struggling to get your CGI renderings to look like if they were taken with a camera?

Take control over your renderings and the look by lighting your scenes with real-life lamps, lights, softboxes and gradients, then getting awesome looking bokeh with your virtual camera and finally bring your CGI from a linear look to a photographic contrast with film grain and unique lens effects – it`s so easy with the V-Ray, Capture One, Lightroom and Photoshop presets that come along with this bundle! All textures are hand-crafted, high-resolution, high-dynamic range.

I am always eager to see your renderings, get feedback or a positive review and to help you on your way to becoming an awesome CGI artist – so always feel free to ping me!

Check out my Youtube Channel for some insights and samples on how to use my assets and achieve great realism

About usage rights:

I cannot and will not check if you are a single person using my assets or a company. I am trying to make a living with my stuff and it would be so awesome if you would be honest and buy the appropriate license. Generally speaking: If you are more than one person in a company, you would either buy the team or the studio license, depending on your employer count that has benificial access to these. Thank you so much for your support!

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You'll get...

Lights, Lamps, Gradient HDRIs
109 2k-6k extremely high dynamic range
HDRI Studio Panoramas
10 (2 settings with variations)
Photographic LUTs
158: 6 bases, 6 different looks, 3 variations, 7 general ones
Film Grain
20 Variations from Light to Coarse with and w/o color
V-Ray VFB Presets
Easy to use, full control; extra: halation in post!
Custom Bokeh Shapes
95 aperture maps in 3k resolution
Lens Effect Filter images
20 32bit images in 3k resolution
Capture One, Lightroom, Photoshop Presets
Non-Destructive photographic contrast in your app of choice!
Lens Effect Obstacle Images
Full control and a unique look
V-Ray Lens Files
20 different lens models for realistic distortion
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The Ultimate Photorealism Bundle: HDRIs, LUTs, Custom Bokeh, Lens Effects, Film Grain, Presets

0 ratings
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