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Broad Surface Imperfection: Dust, Smutches, Hair

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Are you using surface imperfections like scratches and smutches to elevate the realism of your 3D renders? If not, you know you should to truely achieve photorealism. But even if you are, you might have the same experience and trouble I did: Most surface imperfection textures are so dense that you can barely use them in everyday production. You don't everything to look grungy, you just want to add a touch of realism to every object, right? In comes my texture that I meticulously crafted from real-life dirt and imperfections! This high-resolution texture offers an unparalleled level of authenticity for your digital creations.

At the heart of this texture lies a commitment to realism and detail. This texture, at a staggering resolution of 15,000 pixels and 60cm in size, is made of photographs of real dirt, ensuring crispness and clarity even in the most demanding render scenarios. But what truly sets this texture pack apart is its ability to seamlessly tile across surfaces without having your eyes jump to the imperfections. Say goodbye to obvious repetitions and hello to natural, organic surfaces that breathe life into your renders.


Whether you're decking out architectural visualizations, designing products, or bringing characters to life, these textures have got your back. From dusty floors to weathered walls, they'll add that extra layer of depth and believability that'll make your work stand out.

Compatible with all major 3D software and rendering engines, integrating these textures into your workflow is a breeze. o whether you're a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes into 3D, they'll fit right into your workflow.

Ready to take your renders to the next level? Grab the "Broad Surface Imperfections" texture today and let's make some magic together.

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1 texture of dirt, dust, smutches and hair in 15k resolution

Real-life dirt and imperfections
boost photorealism in your renders!
High-res texture
go as close as you need!
Huge area
60cm² without repetitions
Seamless tiling
for flawless renders
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Broad Surface Imperfection: Dust, Smutches, Hair

0 ratings
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